Bathroom Remodeling

bayonne nj kitchen remodeling bathroom remodelingNot only does Bayonne Kitchen Remodeling specialize in kitchen remodels, we can redesign and renovate your bathroom space too! Your bathroom should be a place of comfort and safety, with aesthetics to reflect that. Let us give you the “throneroom” you’ve always dreamt of. 



Bathroom sinks can complement your vanity counters and become the focal point of your bathroom remodel. There are so many different sizes, shapes and materials to consider when looking for the right bathroom sink to match your individual style. Clay-based ceramic, metal, enameled cast iron, glass, acrylic, composite, resin and solid surface sinks are just some materials to name a few! There are vessel sinks, undermount sinks, pedestal sinks and console style sinks that you can choose from as well. Our specialists help you as you consider your space, decor preferences and lifestyle as you make the decision for the perfect bathroom sink. 



Every sink needs a faucet! Upgrading the style of your faucet with the various coatings and colors can impact the look of your sink. Our experts will help you as you consider practicality, functionality and design compatibility of choosing the right faucet to augment your sink. Your new faucet can set the mood for your bathroom. Let the pros at Bayonne Kitchen Remodeling help create that atmosphere.   



There’s more to just choosing a style and color for your bathroom toilet. Bayonne Kitchen Remodeling experts are here to help you determine what components matter to you most! From the bowl shape to the flushing performance to the actual toilet seat, are professionals are here for you! If you’re feeling fancy, we can assist you in selecting the right bidet to bring on the cleaning power to your behind! 


Showers and Tubs

Whether you prefer a free-standing shower, enjoy soaking in a tub or want the best of both worlds, your wish is our command! You can choose from a variety of different shower heads and finishes, which include rain shower head, handheld, body sprayers and wall-mount styles. Framed or frameless showers, alcove, drop-in or freestanding tubs, or perhaps a tub and shower combo, our trained professionals handle the configuration and installation of your new bathing space. 


Vanity Cabinets

Similar to your kitchen cabinets, your bathroom needs storage solutions as well and is one of the key focal points of any bathroom. Bathroom vanities provide both functionality and aesthetics to any bathroom remodel. The selections are just as countless with the kinds of bathroom vanities to choose from. There are double-sink vanities, single-sink vanities, corner vanities, freestanding or even floating bathroom vanities. The sky is the limit with the amount of bathroom vanity ideas we can help you navigate through. 

Complete your bathroom remodeling project with Bayonne Kitchen Remodeling today. We will provide you with a free estimate and expert advice on what to consider as you transform your bathroom space. Call us at (201) 885-5240 and we’d be happy to answer any of your bathroom remodeling questions!