Cabinets and Countertops

bayonne nj kitchen remodeling cabinets


Want to change the look and shape of your kitchen? Can’t seem to figure out where to store all your goods after you come home from the grocery store? Bayonne Kitchen Remodeling experts will help you upgrade the look of your cabinets and change the layout of your kitchen. We will custom fit the cabinets to the dimensions of your kitchen and find the perfect solution to your storage needs! You can choose from thousands of different material and color combinations your want to reflect your individual taste and style. You can go as simple or as extravagant as you’d like with decorative kitchen cabinet moulding, glass door kitchen cabinets or even pullout shelves.

Perhaps your kitchen layout is perfectly fine just the way it is! The cabinets just need a simple facelift to bring your kitchen in with the times! Cabinet refacing may be the ideal solution for you. Simply replacing cabinet doors and drawers can transform your entire kitchen space. Upgrading the door styles, handles, choosing different colors and finishes, whether high gloss or stained wood can turn heads and make jaws drop!

Don’t forget the inside of your cabinets as well! Bayonne Kitchen Remodeling will help you find design your kitchen cabinets to fit your busy lifestyle and family’s needs!  From Lazy Susans to cutlery organizers to wine cabinets to soft close drawers to waste bin cabinets – need a storage solution? We’ve got you covered!


Keep your kitchen looking fresh with new countertops that will bring your kitchen space new life! By simply upgrading your countertop materials, prepping meals have never been easier and your cooking experience becomes more delightful with the change of scenery. For you gourmet cooks out there, consider countertop materials that can take the heat of your hot pans, the pressure from your sharp knives and ones that won’t stain or tarnish so easily.

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Our professionals at Bayonne Kitchen Remodeling will guide you in choosing the perfect countertop materials for your cooking needs. Quartz countertops are one of the most durable, non-porous, hardest, long-lasting surfaces! It is one of the easiest surfaces to clean and maintain! For our non-cooks that are in more for the aesthetics and a stylish focal piece, marble countertops can conceal flaws or scratches. Butcher block is another popular choice for that rustic or farmhouse look. There are so many options with the type of wood to choose from, including walnut, maple and birch.

Rest assured that Bayonne Kitchen Remodeling will do it all for you! We offer the perfect custom-fit countertop solution to match your kitchen shape and style, selected and measured to your liking. We will guide you through every step of the process when you get overwhelmed with the endless choices of combinations and provide you with expert advice. We’ll help you decide on the right surface materials, style, color and cuts that work best for your kitchen and lifestyle. Give us a call for a free estimate so we can get you started on your kitchen remodel today!

After a long day at work or school, a cup of tea, shot of bourbon or glass of wine is the perfect way to end the night. The right cabinets and countertops can make all the difference.